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specs n : optical instrument consisting of a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision [syn: spectacles, eyeglasses, glasses]

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  1. colloquial pluralonly short form of spectacles
  2. Plural of specifications

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Specs: Born November 17, 1988. Modern day prophet, musician, philanthropist, athlete, philosopher and world leader. With meager beginnings Specs took the word by storm in a short time period. Owner of S.P.E.C.S. corp., creator of Specs studios, partial owner and General manager of IXW (Island Extreme Wrestling) and founder of Specism, Specs made much of what was at his disposal. Specs most famous for Specs studios was responsible for the production of such hits as The Passion of Specs: Judgment Day, and the hit series Soul Breaker and Justice House, with other works in progress. Specs was involved with the creation of the IXW an up incoming wrestling federation with many star wrestlers, based on a Staten Island local. Also now partial owner and GM the IXW is bound for great things. Specs was also known for the creation of Specism. Specism is a religion or more commonly referred to as a belief created by Specs. Specism is a belief based on many of the fundamentals of Catholicism however without the tyranny of the Catholic Church and it’s sketchy past. It also encompasses many values of virtue, justice, peace and love. However maintaining some sense of justifiable violence only when necessary, as well no belief in revenge. Values based on the teachings of philosophers of the past, built off of a surplus of information and therefore years of experience. Specism has a confirmed number of followers just below a hundred and is looked as more of a belief of fundamental values rather then a religion. Specs is both a man and a legend, once known as Robert Afr.....

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Polaroid glasses, bifocals, blinkers, cheaters, colored glasses, contact lens, dark glasses, divided spectacles, eyeglass, eyeglasses, glasses, goggles, granny glasses, harlequin glasses, horn-rimmed glasses, lorgnette, lorgnon, mini-specs, monocle, nippers, pair of glasses, peepers, quizzing glass, readers, reading glasses, shades, spectacles, sun-specs, sunglasses, trifocals
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